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English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)

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The ELAT is a requirement for applicants to a range of English joint degrees at the University of Oxford (other subjects may also need additional testing as well) [full list]

It is a very particular test requiring the comparison of two passages from a choice of six. The task is open-ended and therefore tests not only your ability in English Language and Literature but also your opinion on what is important in the academic study of these subjects.

Your result will help universities determine whether or not to interview you. Even after interview, your result will remain as part of the total consideration of whether to offer you a place.

The test is run by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) and ITS Education Asia is an open centre (#HK109) for this test. Exam dates are held each year in late October/early November. Candidates can enrol directly with ITS, where we are BOTH the enrolling and examining centre for this test. 

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Enquiries will be entertained on a first come, first served basis* therefore all test takers are encouraged to enrol as soon as possible


  1. No seat reservations can be made for these enrolments. Potential candidates must ensure that all required information has been written on enrolment forms for this to be processed. This includes a valid, accessible email address and UCAS ID.
  2. You do not need UCAS ID if you are either using the test for a non-UK university or if your UK university application is not for the academic year following the one in which you take the test.

Use the query button to ask about both prep and enrollment

Further information on all aspects of the test is on the official website.

If you want further advice about preparation, please contact us.

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