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University of Cambridge Summer Program

Cambridge Summer Camp 2019 is ideal for students who would like to apply to the University of Cambridge or other top UK universities. All Reach Cambridge programs include the same five core elements, so no matter which program you choose, you can’t go wrong:

  • University Enrichment - Live in a prestigious university city, experience university-style classes and university life.
  • International Experience - Meet new people from around the world, learn about different cultures and make friends for life!
  • Fantastic Excursions - Have loads of fun, with trips to the most famous places in the UK: London, Stratford, Brighton and Oxford.
  • Personal Development - Learn how to manage your own free time and balance it with your studies: shopping, sightseeing, sport and drama all within a safe, supervised environment.
  • Academic Excellence - Study with exceptional teachers and rediscover your passion for learning whilst you grow in confidence.

Summer program

Two-week programs
Program 1: Sun 30th June – Sat 13th July 2019
Program 2: Sun 14th July – Sat 27th July 2019
Program 3: Sun 28th July – Sat 10th Aug 2019
Prices: Two-week courses cost £3895 (add an additional subject for £395)

Four-week programs
Program 1: Sun 30th June – Sat 27th July 2019
Program 2: Sun 14th July – Sat 10th August 2019
Prices: Two-week courses cost £6995 with Taster Courses priced £395

All the programs are designed for students aged between 14 — 18

Students stay in either a Cambridge University college or in Reach Cambridge’s HQ in central Cambridge, Reach Hall

Academic courses available

Business Management & Economics
Computer Science
ENG4U Grade 12 English
English Literature
English as a Second Language
Journalism & Media
Medicine & Life Sciences
Physics & Astronomy
Politics & International Relations
SAT Preparation

Taster Courses

Community Outreach
Creative Writing
Introduction to Architecture
Introduction to Coding
Introduction to Data Analysis
Introduction to Economics
International Espionage
Introduction to Filmmaking
Introduction to Robotics
Music Composition
Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine
Survival Cooking
Young Leaders Workshop

All students reside in one of the colleges of Cambridge University, or in Reach Cambridge’s HQ in central Cambridge, Reach Hall, and have ample opportunity to interact with present undergraduates and post-graduates. The teachers are academics and researchers from Cambridge and other top UK universities, as well as including professionals where relevant for the course (e.g. barristers for the Law course, journalists for the Journalism & Media course). All courses take place either in college buildings, Cambridge University Department buildings, or buildings in central Cambridge.

The program fee includes the following:

  • accommodation in Cambridge
  • two meals a day
  • excellent academic subject courses
  • evening lectures
  • a wider range of supervised daily activities
  • excursions in Cambridge and around the UK
  • the option of airport transfers
  • 24-hour supervision

Spending money, flights and insurance are not included.
Excluding airfare. Price includes: accommodation, 2 meals a day, all tuition, activities, excursions, optional airport transfers and 24 hour supervision.


Reach Cambridge Teaching staff are lecturers and researchers primarily from Cambridge University, along with other academic institutions in the UK (Oxford and London universities). Students also learn from visiting lecturers who are highly qualified professionals in their field.
The supervisory staff are an experienced team of undergraduate students, who are all first aid trained and look after the welfare of students on their corridor, along with running the various activities and excursions during the program.

See what our students say about the summer programme!

The Cambridge summer programme provided a wonderful experience for high school and secondary school students. It is a great opportunity to meet people around the world, which broadens my horizons and international exposure. The lectures are inspirational and informative.
I really enjoyed my time at the Cambridge summer programme. The supervisors were very nice and helpful. I met with people from all over the world who I have become close friends with and spending time with them on this course was really fun. On the academic side, I found the economic aspect very interesting. Overall, the summer programme was very good and gave me a lot insight into Cambridge University.
Reference available upon request.

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This camp is provided by Reach Cambridge in the UK. ITS is acting as an introducer and does not take any payment for this camp and has no involvement in the running of this camp. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements from Hong Kong to UK. Reach Cambridge is responsible for all aspects of the camp in the UK. ITS gives no guarantees nor accepts any liability whatsoever in respect to this camp.

UK University Experience

Want to study in the UK for a degree in Law, Medicine, Engineering or Art & Design? Join Babylon this summer to get a hands on experience of some of the UK’s top-ranked universities for these subjects, all located conveniently in southern England to the West of London in thriving modern cities.
針對在英國攻讀法律,醫學,工程或藝術與設計學位 今年夏天加入巴比倫,獲得一些英國頂級大學的實踐經驗,這些大學都位於英格蘭南部,位於 倫敦西部繁華的現代化城市。

Key Features:

  • Visit the universities and attend seminars from their course teachers
  • Meet current students and ask their opinions
  • Get advanced lessons from Babylon on successful application techniques
  • Visit local businesses to visualise career paths
  • Try out the British way of life to see if you want to study ther


  • 訪問大學並參加課程老師的研討會
  • 與現有學生會面並詢問他們的意見
  • 從巴比倫的高級課實用程獲取升學優勢
  • 訪問當地企業,了解職業道路
  • 嘗試英國人的生活方式,親身感受當地生活 氣氛

You will based in Salisbury and visit the following universities and see their fantastic facilities and ongoing investments in the future:

您將住在索爾茲伯里(Salisbury),並訪問以下大學,了解他們出色的 設施和未來的投資發展

The University of Southampton
Ranked 6th for Mechanical Engineering and top 40 for Law, Medicine & Art.
機械工程排名第六,法律,醫 學和藝術排名前40。

The University of Bristol
Ranked 1st for General Engineering, top 20 for Medicine and top 30 for Law & Art
通用工程排名第一,醫學排名 前20,法律和藝術排名前30

Bournemouth University
Ranked top 30 for General Engineering & Art

Historic living Salisbury 歷史悠久的索爾茲伯里

Salisbury is a fantastic location for students. It is a very safe, cosy city, full of things to do and so close to the beautiful south coast, London and other major cities. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering memorable and effective learning to overseas students on summer visits.
索爾茲伯里是學生的理想選擇。這是一個非常安全,舒適的城市,充滿了活動,靠近美麗的南海 岸,倫敦和其他主要城市。我們有超過30年的經驗,為暑期訪問的海外學生提供難忘和有效的學習

Academic Learning: 學術性質

Our courses are taught by trained, experienced English teachers and tailored for the writing you need to do for a university application.
我們的課程由經過培訓的,經驗豐富的英語教師授課,並根據您為大學申 請所需的寫作量身定制

Course Content:

  • Writing the personal statement
  • Demonstrating academic ability
  • Interview techniques
  • What universities and employers want


  • 撰寫個人陳述
  • 展示學術能力
  • 面試技巧
  • 了解大學和雇主的要

UK Culture: 英國文化

Culture is an important part of the language & way of life so students are encouraged to engage in projects and homework that will help understand British & English culture. We want students to take full advantage of being in England and practise English outside of the classroom too.
文化是語言和生活方式的重要組成部分,因此鼓勵學生參與有助於理解英國和 英國文化的項目和家庭作業。我們希望學生充分利用在英國的經歷,並在課堂 外練習英語。

Key Features:

  • Independent learning
  • Visits to local sites of interest
  • Student-centred teaching style
  • Closed group classes - maximum class size: 15 (minimum 4)
  • Cultural immersion and acclimatisation


  • 獨立學習
  • 訪問感興趣的本地站點
  • 以學生為中心的教學風格
  • 封閉團體班級 - 最大班級人數:15 人(最少 4 人)
  • 文化沉浸和適應環境

Accommodation 住宿

Host Families 寄宿家庭 Students stay with a host family while here. British host-families are friendly and welcoming and have worked with us for years. Your host-family will give you the unique opportunity of experiencing the British lifestyle and enhancing your language learning in a relaxed family setting. You can make a decision on coming to university based on real experience.
我們強烈建議您跟寄宿家庭住在一起。英國寄宿家庭友好而熱情。您的“寄宿家庭”將為您 提供體驗英國生活方式的獨特機會,並在輕鬆的家庭環境中提升您的語言學習。您可以根 據實際經驗決定英國大學是否適合。

No visit to Salisbury would be complete without a trip to: 索爾茲伯里熱門旅游點
From the centre of London, 1 hour by bus from Southampton, Bath and Bournemouth and 1½ hours from Bristol and Oxford. Babylon organises a programme of weekend excursions either using our schoolowned minibuses or in buses provided by our local transport provider.
從倫敦市中心出發,從南安普敦,巴斯和伯恩茅斯乘坐巴士1小時,或從布里斯托爾和牛津出發需 要1個半小時。巴比倫會使用校巴或當地交通服務組織週末遊覽計劃。

The UNESCO World Heritage site Stonehenge with its world-class exhibition and visitor centre.

Castle Combe is a classic English village often named as the ‘prettiest village in England.' The village sits in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north west Wiltshire.
Castle Combe是一個經典的英國村莊,通常被命名為“英格蘭最漂 亮的村莊。”該村莊位於威爾特郡(Wiltshire)西北部的科茨沃爾 德傑出自然風景區

Wilton House is an English country house at Wilton near Salisbury in Wiltshire. It has been the country seat of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years. The first recorded building on the site of Wilton House was a priory founded by King Egbert circa 871.
Wilton House酒店位於威爾特郡(Wiltshire)索爾茲伯里(Salisbury) 附近的威爾頓(Wilton), 400多年來,它一直是彭布羅克伯爵的國 家所在地。威爾頓之家(Wilton House)遺址上的第一座記錄建築是 大約871年由埃格伯特國王建造的修道院

We offer these visits and many more!我們提供不同著名實地參觀

Salisbury is ideally located to explore the many tourist attractions of the South of England. Just 1½ hours by train.
索爾茲伯里(Salisbury)地理位置優越,方便客人探索英格蘭 南部的眾多旅遊景點。乘火車只需1.5小時

Extra benefits for visiting parents:拜訪父母的額外好處

These are just a few of our available destinations for day-trips. Babylon can advise and help arrange trips to see some of the best and most beautiful places for parents accompanying students to:
這些只是我們旅遊景點的一部分。巴比倫可以建議並幫助安排旅行,以便為陪同學生的父母 看到一些最好和最美麗的地方:

  • The only multi-university summer course in England
  • The only English summer camp for university language
  • Premier learning on how to apply successfully
  • The only summer course with business visits
  • Immersion in English culture to decide if you want to live here
  • 英格蘭唯一的多校區暑期課程
  • 唯一的大學語言英語夏令營
  • 學習如何提高成功申請率
  • 唯一的商務訪問暑期課程
  • 沉浸在英國文化中,決定您是否想住在這

2019 dates: 4th to 18th August
Price: GBP3,388

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

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