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Penned by Youth - An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General Pt III

Part III “To be or not to be ... educated. That is the question. Education is the engine of social mobility that drives equitable access to the opportunity of living a life fulfilled. For students left off traditional educational pathways, I want to enrich their lives through eliciting their creativity.” Alex Lee, Lower 6th Student, Harrow School UK “Inclusivity, innovation, and accessibility are the big issues facing education, which has a tradition of evolving slowly. Students incur unhealthy stress in systems that emphasize tests and not individual development. I want to change that.” Jason Qiu, Student, Island School “Education is the most powerful weapon to reduce inequality. I founded Buddy Wiser to bring a free curriculum of study skills to ethnic minorities and children from underprivileged families.” Alison Carless, Founder and President, BuddyWiser Foundation “Progress stems from education, culture, freedom, and equality. If any o . . .

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Penned by Youth - An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General Pt II

Part II In Hong Kong, we at ITS Education Asia and the Young Changemaker Incubator have listened. We help students trailblaze their own path of education by helping them develop sustainable initiatives within their community. Our educators and mentors, however, merely nudge students to helpful research, concrete action, and making contacts. These students have taught us that once they seize the reins of their education, us adults can take the back seat. These students are not only learning how to self-organize, they are learning they can already inspire change in their communities. They don't need to wait for a degree or an employment contract to shape the world according to their principles and passions. On the topic of Education for Sustainable Development, here are some perspectives from members of the Young Changemaker Incubator Class of 2021: “Education is integral to progress. Our future depends on whether we can inspire the next generation and cultivate their full . . .

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Penned by Youth - An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General Pt I

Today, on the International Day of Education, we at ITS Education Asia are submitting an open letter to the United Nations and to Secretary-General António Guterres to ensure that those we are educating have a voice in how they are educated. Education standards worldwide have fostered hundreds of millions of students to become ready for work. But while they are certainly capable and competent, the question facing these hordes of educated young adults is simply: What type of work? Secondary schools and universities are beginning to realize that their graduates find careers irrelevant to their majors. Many brilliant adults are stuck at miserable jobs simply because they pay well. Many of our brightest minds spend all their faculties trying to make the rich richer. These tragic outcomes suggest, perhaps, that education should not be solely designed by adults. Perhaps it's time to ask the kids what they think is important to learn (see Part II) . . .

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YCI Monthly Seminar

Open to all YCI members! This month a couple of our young enterprisers will be speaking with Elin Chan, the founder of Fruity Clean - a sustainable way to process fruit peels into soap.  She will also be talking about sustainable entrepreneurship as a secondary school student and giving perspectives of an almost-fresh grad on how kids can get the most out of their work! Hosted by the Founder of the YCI, Michael Li.  Interested non-members, please just email [email protected] a 100-word interest statement about why you would like to join the seminar, and we will happily let you observe! . . .

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