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Li Po Chun United World College (LPCUWC)

By Shonagh Ryan


By Shonagh Ryan, 
ITS Educational Services Ltd

Li Po Chun United World College (LPCUWC) is a 2-year boarding school for IB Diploma students, located in Wu Kai Sha in the New Territories of Hong Kong.  
The college was officially opened in 1992 by the Prince of Wales, who was at the time President of United Wold Colleges. Since its beginning year, Li Po Chun UWC has been teaching the IB Diploma and students have been receiving impressive results. The average IB score was 37.00 in 2012 and 37.53 in 2013.

In 2007, the Wall Street Journal named Li Po Chun United World College to be in the top 50 schools for successfully preparing its students to enter Ivy League universities. LPCUWC was one of only two schools outside USA to make the list.
United World Colleges are based upon the ethos of promoting intercultural understanding, and in recognizing the fact that each individual possesses unique talents and abilities. There are 12 United World colleges worldwide- in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, and one more soon to be opened in Germany.

42% of students in LPC UWC are Hong Kong students who have joined from a variety of different international and private local secondary schools. The rest are made up of students from all around the world. Together, there are over 80 nationalities at the college. Students are not selected on their diversity, but purely selected on Merit – not only good students, but those who show potential to become great ones. 

For resident students, there are normally 2 Hong Kong students and 2 overseas students in one room. There are currently 256 students studying at LPC UWC. Classes are small, normally ranging from around 10-20 students. Tutor groups are also available at the school.



United World Colleges, alongside a few other leading international schools, helped establish the IB Diploma. The international diploma readily prepares all of its students with an education that is recognized by a wide range of universities. The “Quan Cai Programme” is a special CAS programme which Li Po Chun has developed for themselves.

All teachers are IB Diploma experienced teachers. Of these teachers, there are some who are IB workshop leaders, and some who have been IB examiners.

LPC UWC provides 2 “Project Weeks” for all students. The first is a trip to China, and the second is decided during the year. Not only does the teaching staff plan the trips, but the students have input on planning and running them too. These Project Weeks help create a more culturally aware learning experience which coincides with the College’s values.

Students have the opportunity to state diverse political perspectives in their Global Issues Forum, held once a week. The students present issues and events themselves which provides ample opportunity for them to raise topics of global and local interest.

There are six cultural evenings every year, presenting a range of food from around the world, and performances from different cultures.


The school dormitories are located on campus near the classrooms. The school has a 25 metre swimming pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, and an auditorium. 

LPCUWC does not have any school teams, but all the facilities are free to be used by students.


Hong Kong students living in Hong Kong may apply when they are currently studying at Form 4 or Year 9. Students may apply when they are in Form 5 or Year 10, but should expect to complete 2 years of the IB Diploma. Prospective students should apply directly to Li Po Chun United World College through the UWC Scholarship Scheme. If a student wishes to study at an overseas United World College without applying to Li Po Chun, they can contact the overseas college directly. 

All applicants should apply by November for consideration for the following school year. After applying, applicants are invited to take an aptitude test for maths and English. It is not possible to study for this test as it does not test students on any content in any course, rather it evaluates whether a student has IB learning skills and the capability to complete the IB Diploma. The student then may be invited to join the school Challenge Day in which they will be considered on their adaptability to the UWC environment. If they then are invited to an interview with the Principal, they are asked to reflect on their philosophy of life, and views of current events. Placement offers and scholarship offers will then be notified in May/June.

School Fees

For the 2013/2014 year:
Hong Kong students - HK$230,000 (per year)
Overseas students -HK $240,000 (per year)


*The prices are subject to change by September 2014.
**These prices include the fees for boarding at the college.

What is unique about this school?

Its students are immersed into an inter-cultural environment. The students live and learn with students and teachers who are mostly international.

The college is part of the United World College movement that values the promotion of peace and sustainable future and the high academic standards are evident from the high scores students receive each year in their IB Diploma Exams. 

First impressions of the school

The students were in charge of organizing and leading the open day. The teachers were there to help facilitate, but the students were given full responsibility and were treated like young adults. Every single student was willing to help and answer any questions. Students were very familiar with one another and seemed to have a strong rapport with the staff and teachers. It had a wonderful ‘family feel’.


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