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World-famous violinist, Charles Yang, performs at the announcement of the Juilliard – Nord Anglia Education performing arts programme to be developed by September 2015


Singapore, 8th May 2015 – Singapore’s Dover Court International School (DCIS), a Nord Anglia Education School, has announced their new Innovative Arts Curriculum in collaboration with the Juilliard School, a world leader in Performing Arts Education. The DCIS community celebrated the new curriculum with an evening concert featuring special performances by the students and world-famous violinist, Charles Yang.

1Speaking at the school’s announcement event, Dr. Neil Hopkin, Principal of DCIS said, “We are extremely excited to announce the Innovative Arts Curriculum at Dover Court International School. The performing arts are integral to our approach to education and we believe the program will inspire our students with the skills, curiosity, and cultural literacy to engage with the performing arts throughout their lives.”


DCIS is one of ten schools that will initially adopt the Innovative Arts Curriculum, designed by The Juilliard School, joining other Nord Anglia Education schools in North America, Europe, China and Thailand.

Christopher Mossey, Vice President for Global Initiatives at The Juilliard School explained, “We’ve seen first-hand the positive effects of music to children’s learning. We are delighted to be able to bring Juilliard’s expertise in the performing arts as part of a learning curriculum for children worldwide. This collaboration with Nord Anglia Education, including DCIS, will help talented students and teachers harness their dedication and passion for the arts and ensure their life long appreciation of music.”


Built around a varied core of key works of music, dance and drama, the Innovative Arts Curriculum will incorporate aesthetic education with hands-on activities for all students. In addition to the curriculum design, Juilliard will train music teachers and support the development of a collaborative teaching community, linking teaching artists from Juilliard’s network and teachers at DCIS and other Nord Anglia Education schools worldwide.


To learn more about the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Education Innovative Arts Curriculum, please visit

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