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Admissions are now open for “Future Ready” Kindergarten

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HONG KONG, 7 November 2017) – Avendale International Kindergarten (雋延國際幼稚園) will open its
flagship 11,000 square feet campus at The Parkside, Tseung Kwan O in early 2018 offering a child centred
curriculum that promotes innovative thinking to children aged 2-5.

This learning environment is Reggio Emilia inspired and will feature a common area equipped with balancing
and climbing facilities, an interactive wall, and open play area. There will be a total of nine classrooms including
one with cooking and baking facilities. An abundance of natural light will be available throughout the space. The
unique design of the area creates an enabling environment to inspire children and encourage creative

Avendale is a “future ready” kindergarten that help children develop critical thinking skills and adapt to changes
when learning to solve problems. Children learn to lead by influence rather than authority through
collaboration and communication with peers. They build confidence and motivation in learning to support their
future pursuit of the academics, relationships, careers, and life in general. Through experiencing and observing
positive relationships at Avendale, children learn to be integrated, caring community members.

Avendale conducts admissions interviews year round. Our Director of Professional Development, Trish
Cunningham explains, “We believe each child is unique and are intrinsically curious. During the interviews, our
teachers observe how they interact with peers as well as their eagerness to learn about the world around them.
Teachers then share observations with the parents and engage them through discuss to ensure we share the
same values regarding educating and preparing the child for future readiness.”

Admissions for 2018/2019 are now open. Application forms are available for parents who submit their
requests to [email protected]

Avendale International Kindergarten is in the process of registering with the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.
Prospective families should take note that admissions to Avendale International Kindergarten are conditional
on the issuance of a certificate of provisional registration to the Kindergarten.



Email: [email protected]


Phone: 2866 6720