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New Year, New School, New Friends

By ITS Education Asia


After more than three years of planning, Malvern College’s Hong Kong campus officially welcomed its first cohort of pupils on 27th August 2018.

Bringing the ethos of a traditional British boarding to a contemporary day-school setting, MCHK inherits a rich heritage from its parent school, Malvern College UK.

Founded in 1865 and renowned for its innovative approach to education, Malvern College UK was one of the first UK schools to adopt the globally accepted IB Diploma programme. The Hong Kong Campus leverages the College’s 25+ years’ experience of teaching and offers an IB curriculum with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In addition, pupils learn Mandarin and simplified Chinese, and are nurtured in each of the Malvern qualities, with the aim being to educate “the whole child”.

The new teaching staff, many of whom joined the school from around the globe, held their orientation two weeks prior to the school’s opening and were fully prepared to welcome their founding pupils on opening day. There was a real buzz about campus as the Prep 1 - 4 pupils arrived, a day earlier than the rest of the school, to begin the process of settling in. Dressed smartly in their Malvern uniforms, they were delighted to see our “Wishing Tree” at the school’s entrance. The Tree showcases the artwork, sent in by the pupils over the summer, which details their future aspirations and the things they would like to do during their time at MCHK.

The secondary school pupils arrived the following day and were quickly thrown into a range of activities in both their Tutor groups and their Houses. They participated in activities including a Scavenger Hunt, an Amazing Race and various collaboration challenges, all specifically designed to create opportunities to meet friends across different year groups.

The school also came together for its first whole school assembly. Held in “Big School” Dr Lister’s welcoming speech focused on ‘courage’. He asked the teachers to applaud the courage of each of our pupils for bravely facing the challenge of joining a new school and similarly, pupils applauded the teachers for their courage in choosing to work in our new school. 

It was wonderful to see the entire school community transitioning so smoothly and settling in so well together.

Malvern College Hong Kong (MCHK) will hold their first Open House on Saturday, 1st of December 2018. Prospective parents will have the opportunity to visit their state-of-the-art campus where along with viewing an exhibition of their founding students artwork, parents will be able to learn about the many interesting design concepts used in our new building.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, 1 December 2018

Sign up here: https://fs23.formsite.com/mchk/form27/index.html?1537949502792


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