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By ITS Education Asia

The new daily routine of temperature checks, masks and hand sanitizers are all part of a student’s life at school. Schools are taking all possible measures to ensure students’ safety.

Nexus explained how wonderful it has been for learners, teachers, and parents to return to school. There is currently a mix of off-campus learning and time on campus for most of the Nexus students. The exceptions have been the Year 10 and 12 learners who need to be in school to work on their IGCSE/IB Diploma examination coursework. However, being back in school does come with some uncertainties, so staff are doing their very best to ensure the safety for everyone. These are the key restrictions that they have incorporated on campus:

  • Maximum 50% of learners can be allowed on-site any given time
  • Parents have very limited access to campus for the purposes of drop-off and pick-up of younger learners only
  • Significantly staggered start and finish times for all year groups

Ultimately, the primary focus is on the wellbeing of the learners - reconnecting, reflecting on their challenges and successes with off-campus learning and sharing how they can keep fit, healthy and connected over the upcoming school holiday. We look forward to the day where everyone can be back together again – whenever that may be!

Singapore American School

Welcomed students back to school on June 2nd also. One of the first grade students said, “I’m happy to see my friends and teachers”. The school has implemented a detailed set of precautions to ensure the health and safety of the educators and students on campus. There are daily temperature-taking with additional screening. Students and staff are required to wear masks or face shields at all times except during PE. Students will wash hands at regular intervals through the day. There are Covid-19 cleaning and support packs in each classroom containing hand sanitizer and other cleaning materials and support materials. Students will not move between divisions during the day and when students arrive they will move directly to their classroom (high school students to advisory classroom). Elementary students have specific areas where they will be able to play during a shortened recess period.


Tanglin Trust School

From 2 June, Tanglin was delighted to welcome students back to school. To comply with MOM and CPE regulations of 50% of students on site, the Infant and Junior School children are split into half classes with each group attending school on alternate days. Senior students are split by year groups, with most attending on alternate weeks.

Tanglin’s community has worked together on the logistics of the return to ensure that the new environment is not only safe, but also welcoming. Back to school videos were released prior to the reopening, to familiarise children with the enhanced safety arrangements (temperature sticker and mask protocols, thermal imaging and temperature check stations, hand sanitiser locations, single-file routes and social-distancing measures) which were tailored for each year group so they saw familiar faces. Headteachers, teachers and TLAs welcomed children and directed them through the campus. One parent of a Reception child was relieved to report, “She loved it – the teachers have made it so fun for them despite all these new things.”

Although the environment is different, Tanglin is determined to make this school year as rich and rewarding as any year for their students, staff and parents.

Dulwich College Singapore

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