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An elementary school teacher carried a 10-year-old with spina bifida on a field trip so she didn't have to miss out

By ITS Education Asia

ChalkFace likes to share stories about exceptional teachers from around the globe. Mr Freeman deserves recognition and praise for going beyond what is normally required of a teacher. This teacher made the day of a 10-year-old girl with spina bifida -- and captured the hearts of everyone on the internet -- when he carried her on his back through the Falls of The Ohio State Park during a school field trip.

While most field trips are accessible, this one was a little more adventurous. The class was going to see exposed fossil beds along the Ohio River, and Freeman really didn't want Ryan to miss out. "I found this backpack that a friend had sent me and grabbed it, and said I'm just going to carry her so she can experience this".

Top effort, Mr Freeman. We at ChalkFace applaud you.

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