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Boys and Girls Brains Are Equal When It Comes to Math, Study Finds

By ITS Education Asia

Findings presented in the article from the U.S.News confirm “Scientists 'found statistical equivalence between boys’ and girls' brains when it comes to learning math.”

Boys and girls experience learning math in the same way, a new study found, debunking the age-old thought that males are superior to females in the subject.  The study published  in the journal Science of Learning discovered that young boys and girls use the same mechanisms and networks in the brain to solve math problems.

While some have thought that boys are biologically inclined to be better in math, there was little evidence to support those claims, researchers said in the study. Some studies have shown gender differences, but "it is impossible to disentangle intrinsic, biological differences from sociocultural influences."

This is good news for girls wishing to pursue careers in STEM and should bring an end to those who claim that math is more suitable for boys.

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