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Covid-19: Ten ways pandemic will shape education in 2021 Part 2

By ITS Education Asia

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Numbers six to ten of O’Brien’s pandemic impacts:

  1. Final exam format reform

The dangers of relying on a system where so much assessment rests on terminal exams was starkly illustrated when the calculated grades system was hastily introduced last summer. We’ve known for years that final exams are narrow, inflexible and doesn’t capture the wide range of learning that takes place.

  1. Rise of technology

Until recently many schools were debating whether to use iPads or other technology. Like them or loathe them, Covid has clarified the importance of digital devices and virtual learning platforms.

  1. Tackling inequality

Learning loss from school closures during 2020 exacerbated inequality by impacting most on vulnerable pupils. Laptops and devices are just one part of the picture.  Supports such as home school supports will be crucial too.

  1. Investing in schools

If ever there was a compelling reason to invest in creaking school infrastructure, then Covid-19 is surely it. Poor ventilation, overcrowded classrooms and limited PE facilities are a fact of life for many schools.

  1. Support for principals

They were instrumental in keeping teaching and learning going during the lockdown and ensuring the safe reopening of schools. Many, however, are frazzled by heavy workload and stress. Even in normal times, much rests on their shoulders: they are expected to be leaders, administrators, fund raisers, social workers, gurus , legal authorities and more




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