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Covid's surprise boon to HK unis

By ITS Education Asia

Good news stories seem few and far between at the moment, however there may be some benefits to Hong Kong universities that may arise as a result of the pandemic as outlined in this article from The Standard.

Despite the months-long social unrest last year that turned several campuses into battlegrounds, the epidemic abroad has encouraged mainland students, who form a large part of postgraduate programs, to apply to the city's universities.

The impact of Covid-19 goes beyond that, as the city's top universities are using PhD scholarships to attract top students who previously received offers from top global universities but have not yet accepted or have declined the offers due to the outbreak.

So HK may not only see more talented students from the mainland come here but may also find that local Hong Kong high achievers may also be more likely to choose to study at a HK university rather than travel overseas to the UK or USA.




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