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Florida teachers can now carry guns at school

By Gary Hadler

It was with a great deal of sadness that I read this headline from the New York Times. What type of world are we now entering in where it is deemed necessary to have teachers carry guns to school? I am an ex-teacher with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience and am shocked and dismayed that laws like this are deemed necessary.

My own view is that putting more guns in schools is not a way to reduce the danger of gun violence in schools. This ill-conceived law will just give bad people increased access to guns. Teachers leave things lying around all the time, so how long before a forgetful teacher leaves a gun sitting around for a student to pick up?  How long before a student works out how to steal a teachers gun? The fact that teachers also get paid to participate will encourage people to carry a gun to get the additional money.

If I were a parent I would not be happy having my child in a school where I knew teachers were armed.

What do you think? Should teachers be carrying guns into school?

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