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Hong Kong student with cerebral palsy draws on her determined character to sketch out calligraphy dream

By ITS Education Asia

Here is a very inspirational article from the SCMP about an 18 year old student who refuses to let her medical condition stop her from following her passion.

Clutching a brush with four fingers and wearing a smile across her face, student Ali Faria Hussain calmly and elegantly scribes four Chinese calligraphy characters – no small feat for someone with cerebral palsy.

Hong Kong-born and raised, Hussain, 18, speaks fluent Cantonese. Hussain was nine months old when she was diagnosed with right hemiplegic cerebral palsy – a condition which leaves the right side of her body in a state of general weakness. Because of her condition, Hussain has difficulties performing daily tasks and sometimes faces discrimination, but she remains positive. Like her positive attitude towards life, she has never let her physical conditions stop her from pursuing her main interest – Chinese calligraphy.

She writes calligraphy in the style of seal script, an ancient style of writing Chinese characters. The shape of the characters in this style appears rectangular, with the use of a curved brush – which she likens to drawing.

Hussain’s calligraphy works were selected and displayed at an exhibition in August organised by non-profit organisation Hong Chi Association, which supports those with intellectual disabilities. She was the winner of a programme Superhero dedicated to support children and teenagers to pursue their dreams last year.

Great work Hussain, and all here at ChalkFace wish you the best with your future.

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