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Pupils nominated for Student of the Year Awards for overcoming health & behavioural problems

By ITS Education Asia

Congratulations to these two Students of the Year finalists for overcoming the difficult challenges they have faced and being nominated for this prestigious award, as reported in this SCMP article.

For Chan Tsz-kiu, hospital was practically her “second home” because of a chronic cardiovascular disease, which left her on her sickbed just months before she sat the university entrance exam in April. She has postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome – a blood circulation disorder with an abnormal rise in heart rate from sitting or standing up – and has gone a long way to accept and live with her unstable health condition while maintaining a firm determination to become an interior designer.

To Nga-man also experienced a major change during her school years, from being a young night drifter who smoked, drank alcohol and often caused trouble at school to becoming an active participant in voluntary services. She frequently stayed out of home overnight with her gang from Form Two. She also said she used to get “easily agitated”, for instance she threw tantrums at her teachers who asked her not to sleep at class, and even attempted to escape the classroom through the window during detention periods.

They are both finalists in the best-improvement category at this year’s Student of the Year Awards organised by the South China Morning Post and sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Best of luck from us all to both of these exceptional young people.  An inspiring story of perseverance under extreme levels of hardship.




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"Student of the Year Awards finalists Chan Tsz-kiu (left) and To Nga-Man" by Edmond So, © SCMP

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