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UK: Universities get extra money to cover drop in international student numbers

By ITS Education Asia

The pandemic has had massive effects on UK universities.  One of the most significant, financially, has been the drop in international students wishing to attend universities in the UK during the pandemic.  This article from The Independent discusses recent moves by the government to help universities cope by providing them with more funds.

Ministers have said grants and low-interest loans will become available to cover up to 80 per cent of income losses due to fewer international students enrolling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Announcing the university support package on Saturday, Alok Sharma, the UK business secretary, said the money would provide a “lifeline” to struggling universities.

The fiscal support is on top of the government’s decision last month to bring forward £100m of university research funding by a year to provide immediate stability for organisations.

These moves seem like a good idea as it is no one’s interest to let universities fail because of the problems brought about by the pandemic.



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