Finding the Best Education Bureau Schools in Hong Kong

The Education Bureau in Hong Kong is responsible for the education system. It reviews, develops and formulates legislation and programmes for education from kindergarten to tertiary level. Apart from this, the Education Bureau also implements training programmes for teachers and develops curriculum frameworks. Education Bureau Schools in Hong Kong offer a sound education overall. The quality of teaching is highly regarded as the best in various international comparative studies. The public sector schools offer six-year primary and six-year secondary basic education. These are government schools, aided schools, and self-financed private schools. A vibrant international school sector is also in high demand from non-local families and expatriates relocating to Hong Kong. Find out more about the schools and what the difference is between these schools.

List of Top EDB Schools in Hong Kong

There is an extensive list of EDB schools in Hong Kong: The types of schools are
- Local schools, which are run and funded by the government
- Aided Public schools – run by charitable or religious organisations
- Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS)
- Private schools subsidised by the government
- Private International Schools - privately run schools offering international curriculum
- English Schools Foundation – private schools not funded by the government aimed at English-speaking children.

Significant differences exist between these schools, ranging from fees, curricula, and language instruction. The government cannot regulate the curricula in private schools, and most schools offer international qualifications alongside the HK final examination.

Some of the school choices include:
- English Schools Foundation
- Canadian International School
- Chinese International School
- Discovery Bay International School
- French International School
- German Swiss International School
- Hong Kong International Schol
- Hong Kong Academy
- Harrow International School Hong Kong
- International College Hong Kong & Hong Lok Yuen
- Independent Schools Foundation Academy
- Japanese International School
- Korean International School
- Nord Anglia International School
- Singapore International School Hong Kong
- Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong
- Yew Chung International School Hong Kong

Criteria for Choosing an EDB school in Hong Kong

The admissions to public primary schools are divided into two stages: Discretionary Places Admission and Central Allocation. If parents still decide which school to choose, the Hong Kong government provides a comprehensive list of all public and private schools. It details the educational approach, teachers’ qualifications and experience, costs and teaching methodology. The secondary public schools are divided into junior secondary and senior secondary schooling.

These both last three years – junior secondary is mandatory, the choice to attend senior secondary school is up to a student’s capabilities, and some students opt for vocational training at this stage. The secondary school allocation system is similar to primary school admissions, divided into two phases: Discretionary Places and Central Allocation. There are many established and respected international schools in Hong Kong. These schools are popular and offer various international curricula from the English National, International Baccalaureate, American, Australian and other national curricula, such as French, Japanese, German, and Korean. Each international school has its own set of admission requirements. Learning about the application dates and entrance tests before getting started is essential. Some schools prioritise specific nationalities; debenture holders also gain priority and siblings.

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