Finding the Special Needs Schools in Singapore

Special schools in Singapore are evolving hugely in Singapore. Local and non-Singaporean students have many choices, from special education preschools and early intervention centres to fully supportive mainstream schools with special needs education. Special education (SPED) schools in Singapore cater to children with moderate-to-severe special educational needs. Different SPED schools cater to students with various special educational needs. There are 12 social service agencies, 22 government-funded SPED schools, and numerous international and private schools offering early intervention programmes, support and inclusive education for children. Are you wondering where to find these special schools in Singapore - and if the programme provided will suit your child's learning needs?

Keep reading for all the information on the choices of a particular special school in Singapore.

List of Top Special Needs Education Schools in Singapore

Special needs education is accessible at these schools. The National Curriculum is and their needs, whether moderate or severe, intellectual or physical, sensory impairment or emotional, can be taken care of at these schools.

Pathlight School
Andrew's Mission School
Chaoyang SchoolTanglin School
AWWA School @ Bedok
MINDS – Towner Gardens School
Eden School
Delta Senior School
Grace Orchard School
AWWA School @ Napiri
Maitri School
Rainbow Centre
Metta School
Chaoyang School
Katong School
Grace Orchard School
Metta School
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School
Canossian School

Sixteen international schools in Singapore offer learning support to students who have been diagnosed with either ADHD, Dyslexia, ADD or also have a physical disability. Most schools have an in-house robust team of professionals with multi-disciplinary skills who offer academic support, speech-language services, behavioural services, and in-class support.

Here is the list:

  1. International French School (Singapore)
  2. The Winstedt School
  3. Dover Court International School
  4. ISS International School
  5. The GUILD International School
  6. Integrated International School
  7. Canadian International School
  8. Nexus International School (Singapore)
  9. Bright Path
  10. Tanglin Trust School
  11. Australian International School
  12. EtonHouse International School and Preschool
  13. Stamford American International School
  14. Blue House International
  15. Singapore American School
  16. Global Indian International School

Criteria for Choosing a Special School in Singapore

The first step, the special schools Singapore arena is abundant. And your child who needs additional support will be taken care of. Look for a school which can hugely benefit your child, improve their weaknesses, and build on their strengths. Finding a school which effectively matches all your child's needs is crucial. When you choose the right school, the transition will not be traumatic, and your child will adjust much more happily. Look for a school where you know your child will feel safe and nurtured and meet their educational needs. However, keep sight of the social requirements. Observing a positive approach in a school you visit and inclusiveness within the school is also very important.

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