Finding the Best Secondary Schools in Singapore

Are you looking for the top secondary school in Singapore? There are not just those catering to Singaporean nationals; there are world-renowned international secondary schools. The information which follows highlights the best local and international schools in Singapore. Beyond the local Singaporean curriculum with the IBDP pathway, there are French, Australian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Indian, Korean and Japanese. Here is how you can select the best secondary school in Singapore.

List of Top Secondary Schools in Singapore

Few international families send their children to local schools. Reasons vary, but the primary reasons are the stringent entrance process, rote learning, and pressure to do well academically, which can be enormous on a young adult. Also, getting into the top local schools can be difficult for expatriates as Singaporean citizens have priority on the waiting list. A high school Singapore life is more than academics; expanding creative skills, acquiring new languages and skills and building social confidence are all a massive part of secondary school education. Only some of the schools are listed here; you can find more on our school search database: ITS Education Asia - School Search Database

Local Schools:
Methodist Girls’ Secondary School
Raffles Girls’ Secondary School
Raffles Institution Secondary
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Hwa Chong Institution

International Schools:
Australian International School
Canadian International School
Dover Court International School
Dulwich College (Singapore)
North London Collegiate School (Singapore)
Singapore American School
Stamford American International School
Tanglin Trust School
UWC South East Asia

Criteria for Choosing a Secondary School in Singapore

When you begin your school search for a secondary school in Singapore, you will identify instantly that all the schools have impressive marketing techniques, glossy brochures, adverts in local magazines, and a strong presence on social media. In truth, no matter what you review on different platforms, there is no such thing as the perfect secondary school Singapore life. Honestly, this is an illusion. Therefore, it is essential to look beyond all this and examine the intricacies of all the schools which interest you. And there is certainly not one top-ranking school in Singapore over all the other excellent schools. What it is all about when your child is entering secondary school or even moving to another school is the ‘right fit’. Secondary-age students have different needs than primary-aged children. Their talents, interests, and academic preferences have surfaced, and their life choices and plans for their tertiary education are slowly creeping into their minds. With this said you will need to partner with your child to ensure that the school meets their academic needs and provides them with the opportunities to reach their full potential and ultimately enter the best universities. Lastly, the parental grapevine is remarkably rewarding when you need answers. Ignore the comments on social media and find parents who know the inside scoop. And there is no substitute for getting your feet in the doors of the schools. Meet the teachers, ask questions, talk to the other students and keep your eye open for everything you know your child needs to succeed and wants.

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