Finding the Best Independent Schools in Hong Kong

Private Independent Schools in Hong Kong offer a non-local curriculum. They are part of the private schools sector. The admissions policies, target students, fees and entrance requirements differ from international schools. The Government supports the development of these schools to foster the growth of a quality private school sector to encourage more diversity in the Hong Kong school system, thus providing more school choices, especially for the local community. These schools are required to have at least 70% Hong Kong Permanent Residents within the school community. They are relatively autonomous and have flexibility in choosing their curriculum. Does it matter if you know the difference between international and independent schools? No, not really. However, knowing which schools have the 'independent school' status is essential.

List of Top Independent Schools in Hong Kong

Most high schools follow the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB), offering two graduating diplomas, IBDP and IBCP. Some of the independent schools offer a bilingual immersion education (English and Chinese(Mandarin). They are Chinese schools with a global perspective. The schools strongly focus on sport, the arts and other extra-curricular activities.

If you are looking for an independent high school in Hong Kong, Here is the list:

  1. ESF Renaissance College
  2. ESF Discovery College
  3. Independent Schools Foundation Academy
  4. Victoria Shanghai Academy
  5. PLK Choi Kai Yau
  6. International Christian School
  7. Yew Chung International School

Criteria for Choosing an Independent School in Hong Kong

There are numerous choices if you search for an independent high school in Hong Kong. Naturally, you want to find the best independent school in Hong Kong. Narrowing down your choices can be a complex process—factors include the quality of the education style, the location and external exam scores. When looking for a high school, it is essential to look at academic standing and take note of the school’s university matriculation. How many students are admitted to the top 50 global universities? Schools usually publish specific facts and figures about their current annual academic standing and university acceptance, so it is up to parents to decipher the reality from this information. It is common to focus on the intangibles, but something which is often not considered is the school culture.

Even with independent schools, there are certain stereotypes and labels that parents need to be aware of. For instance, although the schools are excellent, what distinguishes these schools from other academically rigorous schools is the parents' wealth; an example is Independent Schools Foundation Academy versus ESF Independent Schools. The school cultures are strikingly different. Unless you have visited a Hong Kong independent high school and interacted with parents and students, deciding which school culture is the right choice for your child isn't easy.
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