Finding the Best British International Schools in Singapore

The British, UK, or English National Curriculum is a top-rated and world-renowned curriculum. The high academic standards and quality of teaching make it a desirable choice for expatriate families in Singapore. There are excellent choices of British schools in Singapore to choose from. Families are spoilt for choice. You might not have considered a British education for your child, or have you? Here is all the information you need to know. First, the curriculum offers a profound literacy, numeracy, and science foundation. A British international school offers similar education pathways to schools in the UK. Education begins at Nursery (not mandatory), and students progress to Reception (age 4) – this is mandatory. The nursery, reception early years education, is known as EYFS. This is followed by Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5: *Senior students prepare for GCSE and A-Level (16+) qualifications

List of Top British Schools in Singapore

Which schools have gained the ranking of the best British school Singapore? Here is the list of all schools which offer a British curriculum but are not necessarily typical British schools, as some offer IBDP and IBCP.

We have examined further a British international school Singapore and its notable features.
-Australian International School
-Dover Court International School
-Bright College (Singapore)
-Tanglin Trust School -Dulwich College (Singapore)
-North London Collegiate School (Singapore)
-UWC South East Asia (Dover & East Campuses)
-Nexus International School
-XCL World Academy
-St. Joseph's Institution International
Some essential details on British Schools:
-Dulwich College (Singapore) charges the most expensive fees. Annual fees of SG$36,900 for Primary to SG$48,700 for secondary.
-Tanglin Trust School has been rated the highest possible grade in the UK Ofsted British Schools Overseas (BSO) standards. It is the only British school to offer a dual pathway. A-levels and IBDP.
-Brighton College offers a dual language Mandarin programme from pre-nursery to Year 1

Criteria for Choosing a British International School

So, how do you choose the right British school for your child in Singapore? Choosing the right school is not an easy task. A few factors to consider are: -Identify the school values and what resonates with you as a family. Examine the environment, community and culture. Is this a school where your child will thrive? Identify the safety features of the schools and the security

The top British schools in Singapore have much to offer students. Students receive an academically challenging education and a high commitment to excellence, sports, creative arts, cultural understanding and global citizenship

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