Finding the Best International Schools in Singapore

Finding the best international schools in Singapore is one of the most important decisions any parent will make when relocating. How do you choose? What is available? How can my child get accepted? All of these questions will be on your mind. The international schools in Singapore offer a multicultural environment with students from diverse backgrounds and countries – many provide dual education pathways. The curricula range from internationally recognised Australian, American, and British National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate to single-country programmes.

Here is the information on schools in Singapore for international students, along with a list of international schools in Singapore.

List of International Schools in Singapore

The schools in Singapore for international students cater to diverse cultures, nationalities and ethnicities.National Curriculum Schools offer a syllabus similar to their home country’s education. Examples are the British National Curriculum, French, German, and American. Hybrid Curriculum Schools offer a dual curriculum: a combination of home country curriculum with one or more international curricula. Examples include the German European School Singapore, Stamford American School and the Australian International School. The schools listed below offer a solid reputation, well-rounded learning experience, and vital co-curricular programmes. Fees are high, but reputation outbeats this, and most schools are international. Here is the list of international schools in Singapore.

-Australian International School
-Brighton College (Singapore)
-Canadian International School
-Chatsworth International School
-Dover Court International School
-Eton House International School
-Dulwich College (Singapore)
-GESS International School (GESS)
-Global Indian International School
-Integrated International School
-International French School
-Middleton International School
-Nexus International School
-North London Collegiate School
-One World International School
-Overseas Family School
-Singapore American School
-St Joseph’s Institution International
-Stamford International School
-Tanglin Trust School
-The Perse School Singapore
-United World College South East Asia
-XCL World Academy
-XCL American Academy

Criteria for Choosing a Singapore International School

How easy is it to choose a Singapore International School? How can my child be accepted into the top schools in Singapore? You only know once you explore all your options and learn as much as possible about a Singapore international school. Schools are costly in Singapore. The first consideration is to explore the annual and all the additional fees incurred yearly. Annual tuition fees range from SG$16,000 to SG$52,000. There are expensive schools, and lucky for everyone, there are schools which do not have exorbitant fees and are more affordable. There are tremendous benefits for children to attend international schools. The advantages outweigh the cost, and students receive a remarkable education. However, it would be best to narrow your choices and not apply to more than 5. Why? The application fees are expensive, and you need to narrow down the choices of available spaces. No matter what you choose for your child, the schools focus on all facets of their development and teach them to be responsible citizens.

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