Finding the Best Private Schools in Hong Kong

Getting into private schools in Hong Kong is highly competitive and requires careful planning and preparation. Private schools in Hong Kong are in high demand, and students are not accepted purely on the ability to afford the expensive annual fees. The best private schools have earned a reputation not only based on their ability to offer an exceptional education but also because of student achievements, exam results, and the caliber of teachers they attract. If you want to learn more about planning and preparing for success in a private school in Hong Kong, read on.

List of Private Schools in Hong Kong

There is an extensive list of private schools in Hong Kong, and many English private schools have opened campuses over the past few years in Hong Kong. There are some excellent options, and they are ranked the best in Asia. The long-established private international schools have always been in high demand and remain to be. To name a few, the English Schools Foundation (ESF), Chinese International School (CIS), Canadian International School (CDNIS), the German Swiss International School (GSIS), Hong Kong International School (HKIS), and Kellett School. Other private schools in Hong Kong include American International School, American School Hong Kong, Discovery Bay International School, French International School, Harrow International School, International College Hong Kong, Japanese International School, Lantau International School, Malvern College, Shrewsbury International School, Hong Kong Academy, Stamford American School, The Harbour School and Nord Anglia International School.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Private School in Hong Kong

Each school has a unique ethos and teaching philosophy; hence, finding one that aligns with personal interests, curriculum choice, and educational values can lead to better outcomes. When applying to schools in Hong Kong, it is essential to consider several factors. These considerations can impact the admission process. Firstly, academic performance is crucial in choosing the best school, and although location is a factor, the teaching staff and learning environment are more important. Additionally, consider what extracurricular activities and other outstanding programs are offered, such as sports, the arts, innovation, and language courses. A school that provides a well-balanced education is critical to success for all students. The education consultants at ITS Education Asia have the professional experience on what is needed to get those elusive spots. We can also help navigate the various selection processes used by different schools. Contact us today:
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