Finding the American International Schools in Hong Kong

American schools in Hong Kong offer the US curriculum. What is this, and what qualifications will your child leave school with? Here is the scoop on an American school Hong Kong education and what differentiates these schools from others. There is not only one American curriculum; each state in the US makes its own decisions and sets its standards. However, there are common themes found in the American school curriculum. An American school in Hong Kong will base its teaching on the US-wide Common Core State Standards, and some adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

List of American International Schools in Hong Kong

Here is the list of the eight US curriculum schools in Hong Kong:
  • American International School
  • American School Hong Kong
  • Concordia International School
  • Hong Kong Adventist Academy
  • Hong Kong International School
  • International Christian School
  • Stamford American School, Hong Kong
  • The Harbour School

These schools offer a US standards-based curriculum, and some have gone to the extent of providing dual pathways for graduating students. The schools offer Advanced Placements, the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) or a High School Diploma. Alongside these programmes, students can study innovation programmes, such as STEAM, or at Stamford American School, (STEMinn) programme. The Harbour School adopts a very unconventional approach to learning based on AERO Standards alongside the US curriculum. The Hong Kong Adventist Academy offers a Christian education that combines US, UK and Hong Kong curricula; students graduate with a US high school diploma issued by the Griggs International Academy (GIA) in Maryland State. These schools must be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) to operate but do not need to accept only American passport holders.

Criteria for Choosing an American School in Hong Kong

When considering a US curriculum school, look out for the essential requirements. These are – Accreditation, state curriculum, and Standards-based testing. Equally important is to review academic achievements, look for SAT and AP scores and what universities graduates attend. If the school is true to the American teaching style, it will also teach students about American values and culture and celebrate American holidays. Perhaps you wish for your child to study in the US and no other country. Investigate the SAT and AP scores in-depth and learn how the system works if you are unfamiliar. The following checklist could be helpful when judging American schools in Hong Kong. Keep notes on what you discover about the following areas:
-Holistic education
-Inclusivity and emphasis on the individual
-Teaching and Class sizes
-Years of operation
-School values
-Co-curricular Activities

Choosing a school is cumbersome and lengthy, no matter your preferred curriculum. Explore as much as possible and select the school that offers your child the best opportunities according to their personality and needs. If you are confused and need guidance, contact the experts at ITS Education Asia to help you choose the top school for your child.

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