Finding the Best Primary Schools in Singapore

Are you looking for the best primary schools in Singapore? Do you need to know about the admissions process and which schools can offer your child the best education? Without a doubt, you want to find an excellent primary school in Singapore. ITS Education Asia rounds up the top schools for expatriates.

There are more than 90 + primary schools in Singapore, and most offer a ‘Through-Train’ education. These schools provide a choice of IB, UK, US, Australian, German, French and Singapore curricula. There is something to suit everyone’s budget, and each school offers something unique. You don’t just have one choice; there are many.

List of Top Primary Schools in Singapore

Primary school ranking Singapore: You may wonder what this is. In Singapore, there are no ranking or league tables for international schools. However, there is a primary school ranking in the Singapore system for local schools. International primary schools are developing their popularity based on the strength of their academics, curricula, co-curriculars, affordability, the quality of teaching and learning facilities, and word of mouth. Here is a list of 15 of the top primary schools in Singapore. Why only 15? We’ve selected only international primary schools in this article and only 10. These are the reasons: teaching quality, early years programmes, class sizes, specific age-appropriate facilities, teaching quality, learning environment and language programmes. *We reserve the right to update this list.

Australian International School
Brighton College
Canadian International School
Dulwich College (Singapore)
Dover Court International School
EtonHouse International School
GESS – International School
Invictus International School
North London Collegiate School (Singapore)
Nexus International School (Singapore)
Stamford American School
Singapore American School
Tanglin Trust School
UWC South East Asia
XCL World Academy

These schools offer specialized programmes for primary-aged students, boutique learning environments for nurturing atmospheres, and impressive language programmes (bilingual and dual). They also have some of the world’s largest early learning centres, which are Reggio Emilia-inspired designed with purposefully play programmes alongside the EYFS Framework. They provide a personalized and well-rounded education.

Criteria for Choosing a Primary School in Singapore

If you want your child to attend a Through-Train school from Nursery, be sure to apply early. Some popular schools have extensive waitlists; others only open their applications one year before entry. If you have your heart set on a school but need to catch up to the list, build a friendly rapport with the admissions department and stay in touch. Make it known that their school is your first choice. Apply regardless. Primary schools in Singapore that fall under the ‘Private International’ umbrella have a transient community, so spaces often open. Visit more than once. Talk to as many teachers and students as possible, and join the virtual meetings and tours if moving from abroad. Lastly, go with your gut. You know your child and where your child will be happy.

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