Finding the Best International School in Hong Kong

International Schools in Hong Kong

There are over 54 international schools in Hong Kong, defined as Private International Schools, Private Independent Schools and the English Schools Foundation (ESF). The long-established schools are very competitive and have long waitlists. Each Hong Kong international school has different admission requirements, so contacting the preferred schools directly before applying is essential. Learn more about the best international schools in Hong Kong below.

List of Top International Schools in Hong Kong

There are many schools to choose from in Hong Kong and some have been established for over 50 years. These are recognised as the top schools and the most sought-after schools. There are many applications every year for these schools so it is advisable to apply early. Over the past 10-years, many new schools have opened, even British schools from the UK have opened campuses, such as Harrow International School, Malvern College and Shrewsbury. These schools are gaining huge popularity and offer an excellent education.

Some of the top schools accept applications from birth, these are:

  • Discovery Bay International School
  • French International School
  • German Swiss International School
  • Kellett School (The British International School in Hong Kong)
  • Kiang Su & Chekiang School

Once the application is submitted, your child’s name will go on the waiting list. Applying to these schools listed above is crucial if they are your preferred schools. Why? Your number on the waitlist counts in order to be offered an interview in the first round. Other schools will only accept an application, 1-2 years in advance.

HK international school fees are amongst some of the highest in Asia. Annual tuition fees range for a primary education from HK$110,000 to HK$225,000. There are also additional fees which include: acceptance fees, entry fees, annual capital levy and facility fees.

Criteria for Choosing an International School in Hong Kong

When deciding on which hong kong international school, it is essential to consider specific needs, such as your child's interests, capabilities, interests and personality. Each type of international school has a similar – but different approach to education. Ensure the school resonates with educational beliefs and personal values. Examine the curriculum and programmes offered. Ask yourself questions such as: "Would my child be happy at this school?", "Will the school offer your child the education he or she deserves?".

If you need help navigating the international schools in Hong Kong, give us a call at ITS Education Asia, we can help you choose the best school.
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