Finding the Best Independent Schools in Singapore

What makes Singapore independent schools different? Firstly, these are not international schools, and although foreigners can seek admission to the Singapore Independent Schools, they are difficult to enter for non-Singaporeans as Singaporeans receive priority. The MOE permits Independent secondary schools in Singapore to set school fees and plan academic programmes. Based on the PSLE cut-off point in 2022, the top independent secondary schools in Singapore are Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls School. What is PSLE? It is the Primary School Leaving Examination, and these secondary schools' cut-off points range from 6 to 17. In many ways, the word independent is synonymous with elite when describing secondary schools in Singapore. There are 8 in total; here is the list.

List of Top Independent Schools in Singapore

Here is the list of Independent Schools in Singapore

  1. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  2. Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
  3. Methodist Girls' School (Secondary)
  4. Nanyang Girls' High School.
  5. Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
  6. Raffles Institution (Secondary)
  7. Singapore Chinese Girls' School.
  8. St. Joseph's Institution (Secondary)

Independent schools are granted autonomy, and other government schools are subjected to MOE's syllabus. The independent schools receive lesson government funding but must adhere to government policies and regulations regarding teacher qualifications, examinations and school operations. The independent schools generally charge much higher fees. The facilities are much better, and they are highly selective. The schools offer a 6-year curriculum culminating in the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate in Education (GCE), Advanced Level Examination. St Joseph's Institution is one of few IB Schools under the umbrella of Singapore Independent schools. These schools are recognised as some of the best in the world, and Singapore has one of the best education systems. Students rank among the top achievers in examinations. And achieve stellar results in mathematics and science subjects and competitions.

Criteria for Choosing a Independent School in Singapore

To find the best Singapore Independent schools, several key factors must be considered, such as the school’s reputation, facilities, and teaching methods. The examination results should be a vital factor. An institution providing children with an enriching educational experience will provide ample opportunities to succeed academically and socially. Other essential factors are the admissions timelines and admissions tests. Always visit the school during an open house and speak with teachers and students. Take your child along also so they can be part of the process.

Lastly, a school’s environment is essential as your child will spend most of their daily life at the school. It would be beneficial for your child if the school offers a sense of belonging. The secondary school years are tough and as a child develops, their needs will be different and require strong support within the school.

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