Finding the Best Montessori Schools in Hong Kong
Montessori Schools in Hong Kong

The Montessori method is a unique early childhood education. The schools in Hong Kong strictly follow the Maria Montessori method, which has stood the test of time since its inception in 1907. The approach emphasises nature, creativity, and hands-on learning, with educators overseeing the activities and students’ performance. Montessori Hong Kong education is no different, but the schools are highly reputable, and some offer Montessori education from kindergarten to primary. Are you thinking of a Montessori education for your child? Here is an overview and list of Montessori schools in Hong Kong.

List of Top Montessori Schools in Hong Kong

The Montessori curriculum focuses on five specific areas: practical life, sensory awareness, language, Mathematics, and cultural subjects. Teachers, referred to as ‘guides’, take the lead from each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace. Montessori School Hong Kong programmes encourage a child’s sense of independence. Various materials are displayed on shelves in the classes; children can see their choices and pick a task, such as puzzle games, books, board games and projects. Once they choose, they begin to ‘work’; the ‘teacher’ is there to observe, challenge and instruct. When they are finished, children return their work on the shelves and move on to another task. The classes are of mixed ages, and the older ones help the younger kids. Want to find out the list of schools? Here they are:

  • Woodland Pre-Schools
  • Guidepost Montessori
  • Discovery Montessori School
  • International Montessori School
  • Infinity Montessori
  • Little Lantau Montessori Kindergarten
  • Sai Kung Montessori
  • Oatktree Montessori

Criteria for Choosing a Montessori School In Hong Kong

Firstly, knowing that anyone can open a Montessori school is essential. Maria Montessori did not put trademarks on any of the material she created. When choosing a school, it’s necessary to ensure that the curriculum and environment match the Montessori method. A proper school should have this learning environment, and the educators should be trained and certified. Do not enrol your child in something Montessori-themed. One key feature of a good Montessori school in Hong Kong is the quality of the materials in the classroom. When you visit the schools, ensure the materials cover practical life, sensorial, mathematics, geography, science, and language. Keep your eyes open for proper Montessori items, such as the movable alphabet, sound cylinders, pink tower, puzzle maps, beads and checkerboard. Here are some characteristics of an authentic Montessori school:
- A warm, safe, and welcoming environment
- A colourful room full of Montessori materials
- Furniture grouped together
- Organized materials
- A neatly organized space

Lastly, the most defining feature of Montessori schools is the mixed-age classrooms. Why is this the case? It provides structure and gives older students a chance to mentor the younger kids, and the younger ones interact with the more mature kids. Before you decide on the school, check that the school is certified/ affiliated with either the American Montessori Society or Association Montessori International. Contact ITS Education Asia; we can offer professional assessments and guide you on the right educational path.
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