Finding the Best Boarding Schools in Singapore

Boarding School in Singapore is a popular choice for parents unable to reside with their children in Singapore for their senior education. A boarding school experience offers students various academic options and opportunities to participate in multiple activities, from sports, music, the arts, clubs, outdoor pursuits, community services and leadership programmes. Compared to day schools, boarding schools often have more elaborate facilities such as fitness centres, equestrian centres, performance halls, and Olympic-sized pools. However, in Singapore, these facilities are common in most famous schools and can be experienced by all students (day & boarding). What do you know about boarding schools in Singapore? We've done the work for you; here is the list of schools and some tips on how to choose a boarding school.

List of Top Boarding Schools in Singapore

  1. ACS International Singapore: ACS opened in 2005. The Methodist Church of Singapore owns it. Students graduate with an IB Diploma. There are two student hostels, the ACS Independent Boarding School and Oldham Hall.

  2. Dulwich College (Singapore) (DCS): The school began offering boarding in 2022 and partnered with ACS Oldham Hall to provide a boarding house for students aged 16+ with families outside of Singapore.

  3. Hillside World Academy(HWA): HWA was formerly the Chinese International School. There is a solid Chinese language focus. The school deliver all 3 IB Programmes.

  4. SJI International High School: SJI's official boarding house is called St. Andrew's Hall and houses 600 boarding students. Students prepare for IGCSE examinations and the IB Diploma Programme.

  5. St Francis Methodist School: The school offers various academic pathways. Students study both the Cambridge IGCSE and Singapore Cambridge GCSE O Level. In Years 9 and 10, students can explore the Australian Matriculation Programme. In addition, the A Levels and Western Australian Certificate of Education. Accommodation for students is at ACS Oldham Hall and Nanyang Girls' Boarding School.

  6. United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA): Two campuses with similar learning ethos as UWC world schools and recognised as an IB World School with a highly reputable education. Boarding is available at both campuses for students aged 13 to 18.

  7. Stamford American School & Australian International School: As part of the Cognita World Schools, these schools have partnered with ACS Oldham Hall to offer premier boarding accommodation for students from Grades 6 to 12. The facilities are easily accessible to many amenities.

Criteria for Choosing a Boarding School in Singapore

How do you choose a boarding school in Singapore? How to distinguish which one is best suited to your child's needs? First and foremost, in addition to academic quality and high-quality learning environments, a good boarding school must provide an impressive level of safety, students must feel welcomed and cared for and a solid residential support system. Don't just consider the school because it aligns with your educational values; look at it through your child's lens and their needs, strengths, and interests. There is no doubt that a boarding school becomes a second home. Therefore, the school's mission statement, leadership and their families must align with you. If diversity is essential, consider schools that firmly commit to diversity, inclusion, ethnicities and cultures. As is the other programmes, ensuring your child receives a rigorous education is necessary. What extracurriculars are available, and what can your child do on weekends? Ensure the school offers a well-rounded education and your child is busy with various activities.

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