Finding the Best Private School in Singapore

Private schools in Singapore offer a holistic and international curriculum focusing on global learning. In contrast, public schools provide a highly disciplined educational environment where students take standardized examinations at various stages of their education, from primary to secondary. Singapore is ranked as offering one of the best education systems in the world. Finding your child's right private schools in Singapore will not be difficult. The selection is extensive, and the schools are highly reputable. The Singapore private school system is only accessible to expatriates living in Singapore. The local families are only permitted to attend the local schools. Exceptions are possible, but only if a child has a foreign passport or learning support is required. Have you considered private schools in Singapore? The following information will give you a good idea of how to choose a Singapore private school.

List of Top Private Schools in Singapore

Private schools in Singapore provide a well-rounded education through specialist subjects such as art, design, music, and drama for each year group. This comprehensive education offers different international curricula from the UK, the US and Australia. There are private primary schools in Singapore and private secondary schools in Singapore.

Here is a list of 15 private schools in Singapore.

  1. Dover Court International School
  2. Dulwich College (Singapore)
  3. German European School Singapore
  4. Overseas Family School
  5. One World International School /li>
  6. North London Collegiate School Singapore
  7. Nexus International School
  8. Insworld Institute
  9. Invictus International School
  10. Swiss School in Singapore
  11. Singapore American School
  12. Tanglin Trust School
  13. XCL World Academy
  14. The Windstedt School
  15. United World College South East Asia

Criteria for Choosing a Private School in Singapore

In Singapore, parents who relocate for employment prefer sending their children to private schools. The most common factors are international curricula, smaller class sizes, international student body, English instruction and internationally recognized exams. In choosing the perfect private school for your child, it's essential to consider many factors, from academic requirements to extracurricular activities offered by each. There are extensive benefits to attending private schools in Singapore. Private schools provide small sizes conducive to more personalized and individualized instruction. Private school admissions are easier than public schools but not straightforward. Students are selected based on their previous school reports, English language ability, skills and talents, and assessment test scores. Private school tuition can range higher than in other Asian countries, starting at SG15,000 yearly and going as high as 50,000 annually. There are many schools to choose from, so it is essential to consider many factors such as school culture, community, exam scores, location, fees and parent testimonials

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