Head of School Paul Friend
Gender Co-Educational
School Type Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary
Ages 3 - 18
Number of Pupils 800
Curriculum British National Curriculum, IB Diploma
Fees K1-K2: (Pre K - K 1): SG$31,545;; Year 1-6: (Years 1-2):SG$37,929; (Years 3-6):SG$38,889;; Years 7-8: 43,233; Years 9-11: (Years 9):SG$43,233; (Years 10-11):SG$44,868; Years 12: SG$46,803; Years 13: SG$46,803;
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Debenture No
Language of Instruction English
Application Dates Year-round
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Address 130 Depot Rd, 109708


Junior School

In the First School (Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 1) children are taught by a class teacher, supported by a learning assistant. Much of their learning is through play and practical activities and designed to inspire children, and to foster curiosity, inquiry and reflection. There is also a strong emphasis on trans-disciplinary learning – allowing children to make links across the curriculum and to discover their own interests in an atmosphere which encourages independence, personal responsibility and care for others.

As children progress through the Lower School, they continue to be taught primarily by a class teacher, who combines individual pastoral care with teaching and learning, thus holding a complete picture of the whole child. Learning assistants continue to offer support across the grade-levels in Lower School.

The Junior School curriculum is rigorous and provides academic stretch and challenge to all students, providing the foundational skills needed for successful academic study in later years. As children progress through the Junior School, they will become exposed to an increasing amount of specialist teaching in key curriculum areas.

Senior School

The Senior School provides a rigorous academic education taught by highly qualified, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers through lively, active lessons. Students are challenged to think for themselves and to develop independence. NLCS (Singapore) prides themselves on working closely with families to ensure that all students have high academic aspirations and achieve the success needed to ensure they can enter the foremost universities world-wide and progress successfully into their career of choice. The curriculum seeks to challenge, enthuse, and excite students. The school aims to develop students who have a genuine thirst for knowledge and a love for learning.

Sixth Form IB Diploma Programme: NLCS (Singapore) Sixth Form brings students together at this final stage of their educational journey, recognising their greater maturity and focus as they embark on their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) studies.

The DP curriculum framework allows students and staff at NLCS (Singapore) to aspire to the Guiding Statements while fulfilling the IB mission and implementing the IB philosophy. Thus it focuses on academic rigour and scholarship whilst incorporating elements designed to cater for a truly international cohort, aspiring to attend elite universities across the world.

Inside The School

Parent Reviews

"A couple of years ago, we realised our boys (now 14 and 11 years old) would benefit from a more structured education system. So, we visited almost every school in the city, and when we met Mr Paul Friend, the founding principal at NLCS Singapore, we expected the meeting to be like the other school tours. But we were wrong.
Mr Friend has a clear vision of what the school stands for, and we appreciate that the school doesn't want to be everything for everyone. The NLCS ethos is unique and inspiring. While the school is very rigorous in academics, the focus is on creating a learning culture and fostering a growth mindset in the classroom. Good results are a natural outcome of this, and as parents, we witness this daily in our children.
Teachers are the foundation of a good school—and this is evident in NLCS, where the classrooms are welcoming and dynamic. Extra tuition has become the norm, but our children don't feel the need for it because they know they can go to their teachers for help at any time. From the homework assignments and school activities, we can see the effort and thought the teachers put in to prepare students for the IB diploma. Our boys hold themselves accountable for their learning and study for tests independently. Also, their time management skills have improved tremendously.
The school has very detailed curriculum guides, and the teachers communicate with parents regularly and with transparency. So now, we know exactly how our children are progressing. The McCabe lectures, house competitions, academic societies, various clubs and an impressive range of CCAs provide different and exciting learning experiences. The pastoral care is outstanding, and the tutors engage fully with their students. Our boys are thriving here. NLCS is everything that we have wanted in a school.
" - Seema and Sahir Malkani (Junior/Senior School parents)

"My own experience of being a student at North London Collegiate School UK had the most profound impact in shaping me as a person and a professional, and it can be captured through two words: purpose and creativity. Firstly, as a result of my educational experience, I am deeply purpose driven, as are many of my school friends. Secondly, creativity is incredibly important to me. There is no typical “NLCS” mould and subsequently there is wonderful diversity in the way that North Londoners live their purpose – from film, to physics, public service, medicine, media and tech. At school, we were encouraged to be creative and explore, which has led to many Old North Londoners achieving excellence in a variety of fields. Through my own experiences of being a student at NLCS UK, I observed the ethos of the school brought to life in three key ways:
Firstly, NLCS sets the bar high – excellence is table stakes. The philosophy was that whatever you do, do it to your best. Push yourself to your boundaries. This developed students with real grit. Secondly, we were surrounded by teachers who were passionate about their subject matter. Passion is infectious and encourages interest and inquiry. Coming from a very mathematical family, I always remember my French teacher, Mrs Renaudon Smith, whose passion led me to love language and literature in a way that I never knew I could. Thirdly, the school immersed students in a culture of inspiration between each other, among teachers, and in the stories shared. At NLCS, we were inspired to know and feel that we could do anything that we wanted – to live a life with no limits.
" – Aarti Thapar (Junior/Senior School parent and NLCS Alumna)

"We’ve lived in Singapore since 2014 and both our children were born here. What drew us to NLCS (Singapore) is its long-standing record of academic excellence combined with a modern approach to student development. We were looking for an all-around stimulating environment and are very happy with the curriculum as well as the broad range of extracurricular activities offered by the school.
Our daughter often comes home raving about the classes and projects she did in school. There never seems to be a dull moment. She’s a complete bookworm and loves to immerse herself in the school libraries. There were times when she would return home with books checked out from the senior library! We appreciate how she is always encouraged to go down different rabbit holes and really discover the joy of reading.
We have immense faith in the Principal, Mr Paul Friend, and his vision for the school in the years ahead. The philosophy of nurturing, inspiring and academically challenging students to reach their fullest potential is an admirable aspect of the school and resonates with our own aspirations for our children.
"- Anastasia Koltovich-Gao (Junior School Parent)

Specialist Programmes

Enrichment Programmes

The Junior School at NLCS (Singapore) offers an exceptional co-curricular provision that inspires students to be active and enthusiastic participants in a wide range of activities right from the youngest children through to Grade 5. The co-curricular programme runs at different times, depending on the age of the child. Activities are age-appropriate but with sufficient challenge and rigour. A wide variety of clubs are run each week, providing an inspiring array for students to choose from. Some of these clubs may be run throughout the academic year whilst others will change each term.

The Arts and Sport are key features of life at NLCS (Singapore). Each is encouraged to develop new skills, interests and passions through active monitoring and design of the CCA programme.

The Senior School enrichment programmes are an essential element of the educational programme and serve to support and enhance each student’s academic development, as well as helping to shape their character and personality. NLCS (Singapore) offers a rich and vibrant co-curricular provision across academic subjects, music, drama, sports, the creative arts and beyond. Local and international trips and learning outside of the classroom enables students to broaden their perspectives, and also serve to foster a greater understanding of the local culture of Singapore. Highlights of the school calendar include theatrical productions, concerts, art shows and festivals, sports competitions and games.

Senior school students are encouraged to take ownership of academic societies and to invite guest speakers into the school for lectures and workshops, in addition to running their own events in special ‘subject weeks’. Another key feature of school life is the Academic Lectures series during which members of the community give academic lectures on a topic related to their subject. This reflects NLCS’ ethos of developing teachers’ individual interest in their subject and supports students’ learning beyond curriculum. The Academic Lectures series helps to promote an atmosphere of scholarship and subject passion across the whole school.

Sporting activities are also a major focus. NLCS (Singapore) believes in promoting participation and elite performance in equal measure and the school squads compete in local and international fixtures and competitions.

Education Philosophy

  • To provide an ambitious academic education and to enable every individual to make the most of their intellect and abilities;
  • To nurture a team of professional teachers who inspire their students with a love of their subjects and a spirit of scholarship;
  • To enable all students to recognise excellence and realise that it is attainable;
  • To ensure that every member of the School feels valued, supported and encouraged;
  • To encourage students to embrace new challenges confidently, and respond to setbacks in a resilient and determined manner;
  • To develop an outward-looking, internationally-minded community that promotes respect and compassion, service to others, and active, positive participation in society and the wider world.

School News and Open Days

Why Choose NLCS (Singapore

NLCS (Singapore) seeks to provide an exceptional educational experience, based on the traditions, ethos and practices of North London Collegiate School, UK. The school celebrates that each student is unique, and takes the responsibility to provide them with “floors, not ceilings” to nurture their individual talents, confidence and self-worth. NLCS (Singapore) believes in the transformative power of academic engagement, and that the culture of scholarship extends beyond the classroom and enables students to “run their own race”. The school provides a carefully judged blend of support and challenge, a friendly and warm atmosphere, outstanding facilities and a myriad of enrichment programmes.

For families looking for an exceptional educational offering in a niche selective setting, NLCS (Singapore) will be an excellent choice.

The school currently has availability across all grade levels for the academic year commencing August 2022.

Open Days & Seminars

Making decisions about your child’s schooling can be extremely challenging for parents, and the school encourages you to meet with the Senior Team online, so that you can see for yourself what makes the NLCS ethos so unique and exciting.